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Cultural Concepts

As a key state enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), we always adhere to the motto of "a pharmacist should try his best, and the doctor should ask his conscience" to benefit the human world


Centuries of Jiuzhitang Serves big health

Jiuzhitang got started from pharmaceutical business. For over three hundred years, the company has evolved from drug making to drug sales, from drug retails to diagnosis and treatment at clinics, and from traditional Chinese medicine to regenerative medicine. Jiuzhitang has always focused on the cause of human health, integrated centuries of TCM culture and pharmaceutical experience into the modern development achievements of pharmaceutical technology, biotechnology and internet technology, providing whole-life cycle health management and solutions to meet the fundamental needs of the public for a healthy and happy life. At the same time, it built a platform for partners in the health industry to create values and show their life value and career ideals, joining hands with them to build a better and healthy life.


Value: Focusing on the Need of Humankind for Healthy Life

Focusing on human’s need for healthy life, we have established a spiritual pillar for the survival and development of Jiuzhitang. The fact that Jiuzhitang has developed for 370 years lies in that it has always adhered to the value concept of serving human health and can meet the health needs of the public in different historical periods. This is the spiritual pillar that enables Jiuzhitang to sustain in hundreds of years and create a time-honored brand. Focusing on human’s health needs and serving human health has become the core of our corporate culture.

Adhering to the motto

Providing precise and effective services for whole life cycle health management of mankind

  • A pharmacist should try his best
    and the doctor should ask his conscience

  • We make drugs with our conscience even without
    supervision from others as the God can see