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Centuries of Jiuzhitang Serves big health


Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd. is a key state enterprise of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), a key national high-tech enterprise and an A-stock market listed company. It is honored as a national innovative pilot enterprise, a key construction unit of TCM engineering under the National Administration of TCM, a national enterprise technology center, and a national intellectual property demonstration enterprise and an industrial quality benchmarking enterprise of Hunan Province. It is among the first winners of the Quality Award of Changsha Mayor, with a national postdoctoral work station.
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    Laojiuzhi Pharmacy Store, the predecessor of Jiuzhitang, can be dated back to the year 1650, the seventh year of the Shunzhi reign period of the Qing Dynasty.

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    More than 400 chain stores

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    Total assets of the company reached 5.071 billion yuan


Jiuzhitang, just like a three-century-old medical poem, has moved at a leisure pace in the evolution of Chinese civilization, and unfolded wholeheartedly among medical brands of all forms in China. Here, you can see an extraordinary undertaking for making us healthy, a marvelous road embracing struggle and innovation, and a remarkable desire to share beautiful days.

Organizational structure

Our Song

We have a dream that everyone is healthy; we have a desire that everyone is happy and fortunate

Our song: the Best Jiuzhitang


In the face of the public demand for medical science of higher quality, we only need to continuously improve the competitiveness of our products and services, focus on greater well-being of patients and the society, and seek open innovation so as to provide precise and effective services for whole life cycle health management of mankind and guarantee the health and safety of the public.