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Products & Services

We believe that health is a powerful house benefiting and sustaining mankind, and are working hard to ensure a sustainable future


Our product portfolio is comprised of Chinese herbs, chemical drugs, biological products and comprehensive health products, among others. A development engine driven by our core products including Shuxuetong injection, Lvjiao Buxue granules, Liuwei Dihuang pills, donkey–hide gelatin, Angongniuhuang pills, Zuguangsan, Bushen Guchi pills, luohuazizhu tablets, and BCG-PSN has formed. Our product categories cover cardio-cerebrovascular, kidney nourishing, blood nourishing, women and children, ENT and other fields and protect health of the general public stretching the entire life cycle in all all-round way.


Online Hospital

Jiuzhitang Online Hospital is an Internet + TCM healthcare service platform. In January 2020, the hospital obtained an online practice license as a medical institution with support from Tianjin Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The online hospital is affiliated to Jiuzhitang Healthcare Industry Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiuzhitang Group.

TCM Clinics

Featuring leading health management concepts and specialized testing equipment, experts and health management teams at Jiuzhitang TCM clinics are committed to providing clients with health management services covering the whole life cycle by integrating traditional medicine and precision medicine.

Pharmaceutical Chain Stores

With pharmaceutical chain stores in Hunan as the center, we have established a pharmaceutical chain store network that covers adjacent provinces, cities and domestic coastal developed regions and gradually expand into the rest of the country.


Stem Cell Drugs

As a pharmaceutical company originating hundreds of years ago, Jiuzhitang set its sight on the future and made the strategic arrangement of developing China’s stem cell sector

Innovative Drugs

Taking innovation as the strategic basis for corporate development, Jiuzhitang is constantly developing new products to enhance the quality of life for mankind and provide effective products for patients.

Food is Drug

In China, diet therapy has proven to be an effective method in disease prevention since ancient times.